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Our Products

Pellet Mill

High power and large production,stable running,easy operation and maintenance. Ring die diameter from 350mm to 768mm,the highest yield can reach 35t/h. Long time tempering. Make sure that materials are cure fully.

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Dry Extruder

Shearing action of high temperature and high pressure,sterilizing detoxification effectively,change the antinutritional factors,reduce the degradation of nutrients,improve the digestibility of protein and starch.

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Poultry Hammer Mill

Good grinding performance,particle size and uniformity improve 30%. Choose high quality alloy hammer. Special design and machined rotor assembly,ensure more smoothly, safer,lower noise when running.

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Double-shaft mixer

Improve the door shaft and link structure,making sure that door-opening angle is larger than 90 degree when opening the door and door can be locked when closing the door with better sealing and no leakage.

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Counterflow Cooler

Adopt the principle of counterflow cooling,making granule cool fully and uniformly. Granular temperature after cooling will not higher than indoor temperature +3-5℃. Slide valve type discharge part runs smoothly,reliably and glidingly.

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