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P Series → HT-Q1-F-920-330X660×750


Origin Chaina, Japan, Korea
Brand Name HiGHTECH
Model Number HT-Q1-F-920-330X660×750
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Packing Detail  Waterproof vacuumed wrapper Packing inside
Delivery Time 45 working days after getting your deposit
Payment Terms LC AT Site, T/T and PO
Supply Ability 1000 sets/year
Trade terms Ex Works (EXW), Free On Board (FOB) & Cost, insurance and freight (CIF)
Warranty 1 year

5 inch, 8 or 10 inch Color LED monitor computer. Next Generation design of operating panel, USB input port of latest Version, LED display showing real time stitching and calculation. Pre-sew design trace capable Emergency stop, (1). Original Dahao Computer, with usb and UTC. (2). Main motor: Original Dahao servo 2.8 kw with cooling fan, (2 sets), XY Motor Original Dahao servo 1.5+1.5=3.0kw (2 sets) with cooling fan, (3). Beam: heavy body 400*400*12mm, 2L/3L (back) support up-to Floor. (4). Original Japanese Koban brand rotary hook and Bobbin Case. (5). Italian Original Megydane belt 50mm (6). XY driver: linear driver X3 Y6+1 (7). Standard accessories and free spare parts (8). Main shaft: 18mm stain less steel (9) Thread Lock System (10) Double Lever (11) Head Jump motor All bearing is Made in Japan LED Light Under The Table and Beam, Auto Oiling System, Low Noise Technology, Anti Vibrating Device. One machine 10 legs. Low vibration. Body color Green/Gray/Platinum. Color-changing System: Automatic color change System avaliable in this machine. Thread trimming system: Automatic tread trimmer .The machine has multi-heads and needles, can embroider several colors stitch flat designs at the same time, bringing colorful and diversified output. Thread break detecting: Thread break detection. Thread take-up spring or chopping wheel. Machine will auto stop and show the thread breakage head position if the thread break or the upper and bobbin thread used up during embroidery. Memory: 2 Million, Design Number: 200. After the design file input computer can keep forever, the memory storage up to 2,000,000 stitches and store 200 samples Language: English, Chines.

Condition Brand New with Latest Technology and Top Quality
Beam(Body) Heavy beam  ( 400 x 400 x 12 mm) with 3 back support ( L SUPPORT)
Machine Color Green / Platinum / White 
HEAD INTERVAL 330 mm | Option Avaliable 
EMBROIDERY WORK  AREA 330 X 700 mm | Option Avaliable 
Computer System  Dahao Computer | Model No. – 322
DISPLAY/SCREEN   10 inch Color LCD Monitor. 
Operating Software  Dahao 
Main Motor Dahao Servo Motor (2.5 kw & 2.8 kw)
XY motor and Linear Driver  (X3 & Y4+1) steeping Motor | 130 MHz. Or All servo 1.5kw.
Thread Trimming System WITH AUTO CUTTER(trimmer) (or) WITHOUT AUTO CUTTER(trimmer)
BELT  Italian MegaDyne-Belt - 50MM for X3 and Y4+1 | Option Avaliable 
PANTOGRAPH HEAVY  Aluminium (Bearing Base Pantograph)  and other option avaliable 
Bearing NSK Japan 
Rotary Hooks Original Japanese Koban Rotary Hooks
RECEPROCATOR Double recprocator, High Quality
USB Port System One USB Port with Latest Version
Working Table Thickness 30 mm waterproof table with round edge rubber support 
Main Shaft  Harden and Ground with 18 mm and Lower is 15 mm (option avaliable)
Machine Wire Holes All Holes of Machine  will cover with Rubber protection
Machine Head  Round Edge and Flat Edge 
Light  LED light under Table and Under Beam,
Machine Working  Speed 850~1200 rpm
Power source Single phase:220V

We provide special requirements from 1 to 180 heads embroidery machine.


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