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CF Series Cereal Color Sorter

Product Name: CF Series Cereal Color Sorter

Product Details

Application Scope:

CF Series Cereal Color Sorter with core technology we can sort anything. Intelligent shape detection enriches machine function, World leading NIR function brings unbelievable performance. Raw materials: White Kidney Bean, Green Bean, Peanut, Sunflower seed, Lotus seed, Cottonseed, Raisin, Corn, etc.


1. LED light source (optional) --- high spectral purity, highly stable power supply, long lifetime; 2. NIR function (optional) – rejects the impurities difficult to detect such as glass to ensure product quality; 3. World top 2048 CCD sensor – high resolution, high recognition, incomparable accuracy; 4. Unique enlarged flat chute – increases the output capacity by 50% or larger; 5. The leading FPGA processor – improves processing speed and efficiency of mass data; 6. Specialized ejector assembly – reduces use loss and carryover ratio to the minimum; 7. Enclosed feeding system – protects vibrators and chutes well, easy for equipping top dust collection device; 8. Double air passage system – ensures stable performance on materials with high impurity; 9. New operation interface – faster and more humanized intelligent operation; 10. Fault self-detection – automatic diagnosis for different faults satisfies users in details.

Tcehnical parameters:

CF Series Cereal Color Sorter Technical Data


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